The following articles are helpful as you enter the mediation process:

Checklist of Assets
Robert N. Rosen

Checklist of Expenses
Robert N. Rosen

Checklist of Additional Items for Consideration

Pre-Visit Checklist for Attorneys

Financial Declaration Form – South Carolina

Making the Case for Mediation and Arbitration in the Family Courts

Children of the Family Court
Anderson Independant-Mail ~ Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Mediation Primer

The Three Horsemen Of The Family Court
Animosity, Mistrust and Control

It Mattered To Me
(…and why it should matter to you)

How Do You Successfuly Mediate Feelings?

Federal Retirement Plans
The Mysterious Alphabet of Family Court

Pet Peeves Regarding Proposed Family Court Orders-
Misguided, Misunderstood, and Misconduct

Divorce Generation
Having survived their own family splits, Generation-X parents are determined to keep their marriages together. It doesn’t always work.
-Susan Gregory Thomas

The Case for Binding Arbitration in Family Court

“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”
2012 issue of “Resolved, Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Charleston School of Law