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You Decide – The Case for Binding Arbitration in the Family Courts

Take it from someone who never was one – but who has observed many over the past 40+ years – family court trial lawyers in South Carolina comprise the very best trial lawyers in any court, at any level, in this State…period (man, let the conversations begin over that one!).

Think about it for a few minutes. No, seriously, think about it.

On a level of importance, is it more important to be able to successfully seek (and recover) insurance proceeds for someone injured in a car wreck…or to be able to win for a parent the custody (lives, souls, hearts) of their children? How important is it for a family court trial lawyer to anticipate the future financial needs of your client and then successfully provide for those needs? Can you compare trying a “road-closing” or condemnation case with defending a case where one side is attempting to forever terminate a parent’s right to be with his or her children? How does a family court trial lawyer artfully remove (and then later skillfully use) the emotions (anger, bitterness and hurt) in a case where a client’s spouse has committed adultery (for many, the ultimate marital sin)?