“QDROs Demand The Attention Of CPAs” – an article by Ray A. Knight, CPA/PFS, J.D., and Lee G. Knight, Ph.D

My CPA had sent me these materials on QDROs last week, and this weekend I had a chance to read it.
This recent article, “QDROs demand the attention of CPAs”, was authored by Ray A. Knight and Lee G. Knight.
I realize that most (if not all) family law attorneys “farm out” these QDROs to other attorneys or law firms or individuals who or which prepare your QDROs for you (e.g., it’s quicker, it’s cheaper, they know what they’re doing and I don’t, etc., etc.); however, in the “world of unintended consequences” inhabited by us family law attorneys, ultimately you are the one professionally and ethically responsible for protecting the financial futures of your clients well into their future(s).
Consequently, it may help if you have a working knowledge of the basics of QDROs, and this seemed to be an excellent article for your review.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it.